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Message from the founder and President

We offer 2 different yurts - 1 for campgrounds replacing the trellis and fabric walls with solid western red cedar and replacing the canvas roof with an OPTIONAL metal roof

Seen here with vinyl roof (different colours available) Seen here with metal roof upgrade

Our second style of yurt is our new insulated log yurt that installs vertical. This yurt qualifies for permits - see how thick the walls are

You can install a loft

Take a peak inside to explore our newest insulated log yurt using 2 - 600 year old logs (below) or check out the alpine yurt custom built for BC Parks to withstand 50,000 pounds of snow installed in the alpine at Mount Washington, Vancouver Island.

Ask about our POD concept

One larger center yurt with covered walkways to smaller yurts around the outside

Check out pricing if you are interested and call or text for more info

We look forward to working with you




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