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7 days in the alpine. It was snowing so hard day one the helicopter pilot took her door off so she could fly sideways and see.

Dave Byers (owner of One of a Kind Creative Woodcrafting and Cedar Yurts) hands over the keys to the new alpine yurt to Andy Smith, the Strathcona Area Supervisor for BC Parks, West Coast Region. The following blog is a start to finish look at this project.


COURTENAY – A permanent group shelter at Croteau Lake in Strathcona Provincial Park will provide safe, dry, versatile activity space for larger groups and will complement a newly built group site.

The facility will be a hard-sided yurt with a metal roof to accommodate the park’s heavy winter snow loads, and will be large enough to provide shelter for group activities of up to 25 people (it is not planned as accommodation at this time). The project is being developed by the Strathcona Wilderness Institute, with support from BC Parks, Nyrstar Mine, and other community donors and built and installed by One Of A Kind Creative Woodcrafting.

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READ about the history of the area where the yurt will be installed and a very extraordinary fellow named Eugene Croteau (whom this Lake was named after) at


Could we RE design one of our cedar yurts to withstand 540 pounds per square foot snow load? That was the question I was asked. EVERYONE I spoke to about this said there must be something wrong. That would be over 50,000 pounds of snow / weight on the building. Engineers, architects and builders all said the same thing – the decimal point is in the wrong place – IT CAN’T BE THAT MUCH.but it was! I was confident that our cedar yurts could withstand this load with a bit of engineering and some changes. Foundation and center pipe in place by 43K – Nice job guys! Croteau Lake in the background

This project would NOT have taken place without the assistance from Tim, Nolan, Graham and Wayne – you know who you are;
And to the best workers ever – my General Manager Sean VanAlstyne who does NOT understand the word quit and Larry Blain who just keeps on trucking no matter what and Stephen Munro the newest addition to our family And to Andy Smith, the Strathcona Area Supervisor for BC Parks, West Coast Region – this was Andy’s vision for many years – congratulations Andy!.
Andy has several years of planning behind this project and probably a few thousand emails. Andy’s team of Aaron, Jamie and his rangers worked tirelessly hiking in and out of the alpine to dig away for the foundation and center post for the 43 K crew.

Andrew Johnson of Timber Box Home Designs did an awesome job of designing a round building for the very first time.

Jim Mitchell was the lead engineer on the project and was scratching his head many times as he punched the buttons on the calculations. In the end we have a stamped, signed set of drawings for a structure that will withstand 540 pounds per square foot of snow load. A special mention to Dave Vincent who worked along side Jim Mitchell to assist with the engineering on this project.

SLEGG Lumber was the first firm to step up to the plate with a donation to the project. SLEGG donated the LVL’s for the rafters as well as all the western red cedar for the floor – AWESOME DONATION guys.

ADVANCED BENDING TECHNOLOGIES donated the 3″ x 3″ curved angle iron for the base of the yurt. This is a key part of the entire structure.
Check out their portfolio – from spiral stairs and water parks to 36″ curved pipe and curved roofing panels – you have to check this out

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