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The Bungalow – when you just need a building permit for a yurt. This yurt comes with insulated floor pies, engineered insulated logs and an insulated ceiling with a steel roof.

This yurt will meet all the code requirements most anywhere in North America.

We recommend helical coils or screw pilings to sit your yurt on instead of concrete blocks. (Not included in our pricing)

The floor is R30, the logs R-22 and the ceiling is R-30.

We have taken into account seismic, fire, structural and thermal issues.

We offer a design service which includes a full set of blueprints. Depending on how many changes, this service ranges between $1,500 and $2,000.

We have an engineer available in the 4 Western Provinces of Canada. Once you have a signed / stamped set of blueprints you have most everything you will require to secure a permit to build.

Engineer's stamp and signature is approx $2,000. If you live outside Western Canada or in the USA, a local engineer will need to review the plans and regional or State regulations and there may be additional changes required to comply in your area.

The following images show the process

FIRST either a basement completed by yourself or screw pilings, metal saddles and 6" x 6" pressure treated timbers to sit our floor pies on. This is what our insulated floor pies look like



Frame in your own floor

Start with the door section - stand it up and brace it good

Work to the left and right standing up insulated logs and more window units

Now you are ready for the standing seam roof or LVL's and flat metal sheets

Position the center ring and place your first 4 rafters (N, S, E and W)

Rafters are all installed

Start sheeting in the metal roof or install the standing seam roof

Insulate the ceiling after the roof is water tight

Apply the ceiling finish

Frame in for interior walls and loft and run your electrical

Run the plumbing and vent stack

Frame in the rooms

Infloor heating if that is your choice of heating your yurt

Pour concrete over the hot water / glycol piping

The hot water / glycol boiler

Finish drywall and get ready to paint

Finish the painting, loft railing, doors, hardware

Kitchen and bathroom finished

Hardwood floors and tile in the bathroom

Bathroom finished

Up in the loft looking down with attic access ladder


Heat recovery system installed to code. Using the loft for pressure tank and hot water heater

Finish the fascia, soffits, skirting, any decks and railings

The above was a fast look at what is involved in building an insulated log yurt

The link below is a time lapse video on youtube of an insulated log yurt being erected



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