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Upgrades / Options

Tin foil bubble insulation (seen in image two).

Change the standard vinyl yurt roof to a standing seam metal roof

Change the wall height from 8' to 9' or 10' height for additional headroom in the loft

Standard STUDIO yurt with vinyl roof



Vinyl roof with tin foil bubble insulation



Vinyl roof in the snow


Actual yurt in use 4 season on the Cabot Trail in NS



10' high wa;;s with standing seam roof upgrade images below

The start of a metal standing seam roof


You can ask for a skylight or two in your metal roof




We were asked if we could come up with different images so the campground owner could refer to each yurt by image

Like this mud man - worshiping the moon


Here is what it lookes like on the side of a campground yurt





A Dancing Bear


A Heron



 If you have any ideas or have a campground and want something where your customers can enjoy the sweet smell of red cedar and a structure more rugged than a canvas wall, give us a shout

  we would be most happy to add you to our growing list of clients.



© 2017 Yurts Truly.

We are very disapointed with the purchase of our soft sided yurt from a manufacturer in the USA.
We spent years of research and chose a yurt based on the lowest price

We did not have our yurt up for 6 months when vandals cut through the thin fabric wall and stole several items
We are replacing our fabric wall yurt with a cedar yurt - we didn't save any money in the end


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