The STUDIO YURT - made of solid, thick 1 1/2" western red cedar - can be installed in one weekend

You can request as many windows as you want - shown here are 5 window sections ganged together

Upgrades include changing the standard vinyl yurt roof to a metal roof.
No insulation and you are responsible to make your own platform.


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Yurts Truly

We were given the option of a cedar yurt from Yurts Truly or a canvas and vinyl yurt from Yurtz by Design, a BC manufacturer. Our yurt is beautiful, but canvas yurts are NOT ideal for the West Coast with our high humidity and heavy rain fall. I wish that I had chosen a cedar yurt over a canvas/vinyl yurt. The cost is slightly higher, but the cedar yurt is a design far more appropriate for this climate. A cedar yurt is perfectly adapted to this climate and better for a long-term alternative housing options.

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